EP 35 – Jennifer Walker-Crawford from KWC Women’s Basketball

This week on Owensboro’s Own my guest is Jennifer Walker-Crawford, student/athlete from KWC. We talk about why she came to KWC, what life is like as a college athlete, and why NCAA flew her to Phoenix, Arizona. I hope you all enjoy Episode 35 of Owensboro’s Own.

EP 33 – Andrew Howard from CYP

This week on Owensboro’s Own, I am excited to bring Andrew Howard from CYP (Chamber of Young Professionals) to you. We talk Andrew’s past and why having something like the CYP is important to the younger generation of professionals in Owensboro.


EP 32 – Kelsey Pedley from Sylvia Sweatt Family Practice

I was finally able to actually land Kelsey Pedley on Owensboro’s Own. The last couple of weeks were pretty crazy, but we are back and better than ever. Kelsey is here to talk about joining Syliva Sweatt Family Practice and we dip a little into her past. I am happy and honored to bring you Episode 32 of Owensboro’s Own featuring my wife Kelsey Pedley.

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