EP 40 – Wes Bartlett and Todd Reynolds from Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

I have a great convention with Wes Bartlett and Todd Reynolds from The Theatre Workshop of Owensboro. TWO has been on my radar to come on the podcast ever since I started and I am extremely excited to feature Wes and Todd on Episode 40 of Owensboro’s Own.




EP 38 – John Condray from Gambrinus Libation Emporium

This week’s Episode of Owensboro’s Own features John Condray from Gambrinus Libation Emporium. We have a great conversation about the décor of Gambrinus, some of their special drinks, and fun events they host. So if you haven’t been down their yet, listen to this week’s show and see what you’re missing.


EP 37 – Terry Pollard from Serene Relief

This week’s episode of Owensboro’s Own features Terry Pollard from Serene Relief. Terry does an amazing job showing his knowledge and you can hear why he loves to be a Massage Therapist. You don’t have to take my word for it, listen to Episode 37 of Owensboro’s Own and find out for yourself.