EP 46 – Jonathan McEmber and Shaelie Clark from WFIE News 14

I have two special guests this week from News 14, Jonathan McEmber and Shaelie Clark. While neither one of them are originally from Owensboro, they both have relocated for their new jobs. I hope you enjoy Episode 46 of Owensboro’s Own and most importantly I hope you enjoy listening to Jonathan and Shaelie’s story.



EP 45 – Hadley Rouse as Mary Poppins

This week I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Hadley Rouse, who is playing the iconic Mary Poppins at the Riverpark Center this weekend. She talks about how she prepares for her roles and about what she is studying in college. Check out this week’s episode of Owensboro’s Own and get your tickets to Mary Poppins at Owensborotickets.com.

EP 44 – Nick Cross and Pokémon Go

I had a great conversation with Nick Cross about Pokémon taking over the world again. We discuss some of the positive effects of the rebirth of the Pokémon Empire and possible issues of where the game might take you. So even if you are not a fan of Pokémon Go, I hope you can find Episode 44 of Owensboro’s Own entertaining.