(Insert Name) Fantasy Football Podcast

Hey everyone, I am starting a new podcast called (Insert Name) Fantasy Football Podcast with Tommy Bryant. We will be talking about Fantasy Football. We are both big fantasy football players. I hope you take the time to listen to our week 1 episode. This episode is a little longer, but we had to address a lot of topics.

Next we will bring the show back to around 60 minutes. We will address a couple of players and then we will run through each game and talk about the match-ups we prefer for season-long and daily.

I hope you all enjoy the show and I look forward to see where this goes.

EP 50 – Malcolm Bryant

It’s finally here Episode 50! I am happy to have Malcolm Bryant from The Malcolm Bryant Corporation. We had a great conversation about his past and we even talk about the importance forward momentum for the growth of Owensboro.



EP 49 – State of the Podcast

Hey Owensboro, sorry due to a last minute cancellation I wasn’t able to secure a guest for this week. Nevertheless the show must go one. This will I will talk about the state of the podcast and I talk a little bit about what is to come.

EP 47 – Joshua Boyken and Alex Sutton from Chasing the Pacific

This week’s Episode of Owensboro’s Own features two members of Chasing the Pacific Joshua Boyken and Alex Sutton. We had a great conversation about how they got started and their creative process. Plus as an added feature we talk about the new movie Suicide Squad.

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