EP 11 – Kelly Anne Harris Team

image1This week’s episode of Owensboro’s Own features the Kelly Anne Harris Team. For the past year Kelly has assembled an amazing team of professional realtors to tackle the housing market in the city of Owensboro. We talk about the benefits of buying from a team of people, what technology she unitizes every day, and some background information on the team. Her team consists of Jim DeMaio, Robbie Thompson, Ashley Bellar, Kelsey Jarboe and Bradley Teague.





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EP 10 – Dallas and Jennifer Roberts


This weeks episode is a pretty unique show since both Dallas and Jennifer are separate business owners. Dallas is the owner and operator of Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaners of Owensboro and his wife Jennifer is the owner and operator of Owensboro Pet Sitting. We touch on some pretty fun subjects like sugar gliders and unique experiences Jennifer has had pet sitting for her clients.

Owensboro Pet Sitting

Contact Jennifer at 270-275-1165

Mighty Clean Carpet Cleaners of Owensboro

Contact Dallas at 270-315-5870

EP 9 – Nick Gray

My guest this week is Nick Gray who is both a salesman and radio DJ. Being the son of parents that wrote jingles for local business, he grew up in the entertainment business. We have blast talking about nicknames, what it’s like being a child of a church musician, and his thoughts about the future of radio.


EP 8 – David Wolfe from Haunts of Owensboro

David Wolfe 223

This week David Wolfe from Haunts of Owensboro stops in to talk about the ghost of Owensboro, David’s personal experience, and even Abraham Lincoln. So be sure to keep the lights on because this episode might cause you to lose some sleep.



Podcast Photo 1 about the woman and her friend at the Theater Workshop

David Wolfe 219 David Wolfe 220 David Wolfe 222


Podcast Photo 2 about the demon at the Theater Workshop

David Wolfe 218 It might be tough to see but look right below the finger and the black line. You will be able make out the eyes. Here is a link from Haunts of Owensboro Website Demon Picture Link


Podcast Photo 3 about the lady in white from Executive Inn

David Wolfe 221