EP 50 – Malcolm Bryant

It’s finally here Episode 50! I am happy to have Malcolm Bryant from The Malcolm Bryant Corporation. We had a great conversation about his past and we even talk about the importance forward momentum for the growth of Owensboro.



EP 49 – State of the Podcast

Hey Owensboro, sorry due to a last minute cancellation I wasn’t able to secure a guest for this week. Nevertheless the show must go one. This will I will talk about the state of the podcast and I talk a little bit about what is to come.

EP 47 – Joshua Boyken and Alex Sutton from Chasing the Pacific

This week’s Episode of Owensboro’s Own features two members of Chasing the Pacific Joshua Boyken and Alex Sutton. We had a great conversation about how they got started and their creative process. Plus as an added feature we talk about the new movie Suicide Squad.

Holy Links Batman!!!!


EP 46 – Jonathan McEmber and Shaelie Clark from WFIE News 14

I have two special guests this week from News 14, Jonathan McEmber and Shaelie Clark. While neither one of them are originally from Owensboro, they both have relocated for their new jobs. I hope you enjoy Episode 46 of Owensboro’s Own and most importantly I hope you enjoy listening to Jonathan and Shaelie’s story.