Nikole Gross -The Creme Coffee House

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“I think you should always take the time to see whats going on some body’s heart and we don’t know unless we take that time to see and ask.” 

Nikole Gross is the Owner of The Creme Coffee House in downtown Owensboro and the second guest on Owensboro’s Own. With the motto, “Share the Love” Nikole has built an amazing team of baristas that add their own personal flavor to coffee that is made here in Kentucky. She has made it her goal to provide a place for teens and their family by having live music and local artwork.

Dates mentioned in the Podcast:

  • September 11 – Andrew Galyen (Live Music)
  • September 18 – Lauren Cunningham (Live Music)
  • September 25 – Genuine Hypocrites (Live Music)
  • September 26 – Bluegrass Jam (Live Music)

October 3rd Cruise in, Coffee, and Conversations – Come with the family for old fashioned root beer floats.

  • Cape Air (Owensboro Air Show) – September 12th and 13th

Here’s a cool story after we finish recording Nikole was given this bracelet, Renee Reyes. The Creme 173 The Creme 175

This a wonderful example of someone sharing the love the Nikole Gross.


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Maria Kelly from Nona’s Downtown Market

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I honestly believe you bless through your storms. If you make it about everybody else and everything you all can do together, then you can’t lose.” 

Maria Kelly is the owner of Nona’s Downtown Market and the first guest on Owensboro’s Own Podcast. She has built an amazing business focusing on local talent and entrepreneurs. Maria takes pride in helping the Citizens of Owensboro to make their dreams come true. From brooms to barbecue, Nona’s Downtown Market has a little something for everyone. 

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Just a small sample of things to come on Owensboro’s Own Podcast.